Tuesday, June 4, 2013

summer personal progress handout.

I made these and am going to give these to the girls the Sunday after school gets out to encourage them to work on their Personal Progress during the summer.  If they complete two values (all six experiences and project for each) OR 20 hours of service and half of the Book of Mormon for their Honor Bee I will have a breakfast or lunch for them at my house. This idea came from www.marcicoombs.blogspot.com. 

Your summer will ROCK
if you POP open your
Personal Progress book and
work on it non-stop!

“Personal Progress provides a wonderful way for you to nourish your testimony step by step. Value experiences and projects are small steps that will nourish your testimony of Jesus Christ as you learn His teachings and regularly apply them in your life. This constant nourishment will keep you safely on the path.”    - Mary N. Cook

Print the handouts on card stock HERE, cut them out, and then staple to another color of cardstock on sides and bottom.  Trim with pinking sheers and staple some rik rak or ribbon to the side to spunk it up. Put your pop rocks inside and you have a super cute reminder!  I found the Pop Rocks at Dollar Tree - One three pack is $1.  Have fun rocking out on this one!

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