Sunday, June 9, 2013


What should these girls do with the bazillion handouts that I give them?  They are getting monthly value goal cards, monthly lesson them cards, reminder treats with tags on them, mutual value experience cards...did I forget any? 

Here is what they should do with them...staple them into their Personal Progress journals!  I love that I can write my journal entry and have the card right there so when I go back and read it I know what the value experience was!  And now there is a place for all of the goal cards, and tags from the handouts too! 

All it took was 4 different types of ribbon and a stapler.  I stapled all of the cards in on the same page as the correlating journal entry.  If there were two on the same page I overlapped them and only stapled one side so they could be lifted up.  Then I tied ribbons through the holes that were already on the cards (to hang on the flower mirror hanger) and stapled some ribbon on as tabs to lift them up.  They could even write their journal entry on the back of the card and staple it into the journal so it can be flipped over.  For the cover I used double sided tape and taped some scrapbook paper over it front to back and added a sticker of the temple.  Then I tied it with a loose piece of twine.  What a great keepsake!

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