Wednesday, September 25, 2013

general conference notebooks and value project

I know that this idea is not a new one, but it needed a bit of an update.  Last year as the Personal Progress Leader I found a general conference value project and encouraged the girls to do it by giving them a handout with all of the information on it and tied a pen to it.  You can download this under the Value Project tab.

This year as a Beehive Advisor I decided to have the girls make their Conference Notebooks together.  I found a PDF of all of the Apostles and First Presidency for the girls to tape into their notebooks as tabs, and then redesigned some of the other General Conference goodies that are already out there to make it match our notebooks and not use up all of my colored ink! 

At Michaels I found animal print notebooks for 75 cents!  They also had some coordinating animal print jewels.  I went home and pulled out some coordinating paper, scissiors, packing tape, double sided tape and glue sticks. 

There were a few things I did to make it go more smoothly for the activity.  I printed out and cut the title and inserts and premade the Apostle Tabs.  Get the Title and Inserts HERE.

To make the Apostle Tabs I just printed and cut them out (get them from the link below), then cut a long strip of packing tape.  I then put the Apostles face down on the sticky side of the tape and then covered with another piece for some home lamination!  Then I cut them out with a tiny border so that the tape still stuck to itself.

To put the tabs in, cut a piece of packing tape about 3/4 of an inch wide and then tape over the Apostle Tab so that the tape adheres to the 3 sides of the tab that lay on top of the paper.

I put them in alphabetical order and staggered them, leaving about 5 pages in between each tab.

This would be a great gift for Visiting Teachees!

Here are the sites that these ideas/inserts originate from: - Apostle Tab Printable - Make the Most of General Conference

Friday, September 13, 2013

how can i guard my virtue?

Here is the handout that I have created for my beehive beauties!  Elder Holland has some very memorable phrases to help the girls know how to guard their virtue.

I also created a BINGO game for the girls to play while we read all of Elder Holland's remarks.  This way they have to listen to the words and match the quotes with one of the pictures in the BINGO game to play.  HERE it is.  There are at least 10 different BINGO boards. 


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

personal progress summer follow up

Remember when I told the girls that if they completed 2 values or finished half of their honor bee or completed all of their personal progress by the end of summer I would invite them to a special celebration?  Here is the handout I designed for them to easily report what they had done during the summer.  All they have to do is circle what they have completed over the summer and then I can compare what they had already done when summer began.  You can get the document HERE.