Mother's Day Body Scrub.

I mixed up the body scrub base for the girls and spooned it into 8 oz mason jars. They personalized their scrub for their mom by adding more olive oil, some almond or vanilla extract, and or cinnamon. We put cute labels on the lid from this site. And they tied a fabric strip as a bow around it. Then they wrote a card to their mom and included the divine qualities she has and how she has blessed their life. This could be done for someone you admire - a sister, aunt, mother, friend, or teacher anytime instead of waiting till next Mother's Day. The base recipe for the scrub includes brown sugar, olive oil and honey. We counted this activity as Divine Nature #8 or #9 or Individual Worth #8 or #9. You can get the Scrub Sweet Scrub labels and value experience cards HERE. And the smaller labels HERE.


Value Fruit Pizza.
For a Beehive activity we made YW Value Fruit Pizza. The crusts of the pizzas were made out of baked sugar cookies, and the sauce was made of Cool Whip and cream cheese mixed together. Each girl picked a bowl of fruit to put on the pizzas. Once they chose their fruit we told them that as they put their topping on they were going to bear their testimony of or share an experience they have had with the value that coordinated with the fruit they chose. The girls did a great job and even volunteered to do more than one. The toppings we used for each value was: Faith - sauce (Cool Whip and cream cheese), Divine Nature - blueberries, Individual Worth - strawberries, Knowledge - kiwi, Choice and Acc. - peaches, Good Works - pineapple, Integrity - purple grapes, Virtue - pears. I also shared the Armor of God scripture in Ephesians with them and we talked about how the YW values help protect and help us. As they get up each morning and put on their clothes and accessories they can think about the color of the item and the value that goes with it. We decided that we would call it their "Bling of God!" We counted this as value experience 8 or 9 for the value they shared their testimony about or Integrity 8 or 9.
Integrity FHE Lesson.

We made origami boxes out of 12 x 12 inch paper and they came up with questions from the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet and cut them into strips for their family members to pick out of the box. They also came up with opening and closing songs, and scripture stories that demonstate Integrity to complete their lesson. We counted this as value experience Integrity 8 or 9. You can get the value experience card here and the lesson outline here. Learn how to make an origami box with cover here.

Family History Night.
The Bishop wanted each of the youth to learn more about family history so we set up a date with the family history buffs of our ward for each of the classes to go and learn more about it. The girls set up their own profiles, linked their names to family members' and learned how to upload documents. They also received a printout of the year they were born which included popular songs, movies, actors, toys, and how much gas cost. Here is the value experience card for this activity.
Back to School PPJ (Personal Progress Jammie) Night.

For this Personal Progress Night the girls came in their pajamas and I had each of them bring a shoe that best represented them and they shared why. We did Individual Worth #1 and after they wrote in their journals we decorated slider tins with stickers and filled them with Kool Aid lip gloss - directions HERE.

And HERE is the Experience Card.


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