Sunday, October 20, 2013


Our lesson today was on becoming patient.  I loved the video of Elder Uchtdorf's talk Continue in Patience.  My girls loved watching the little kids and whether to eat the marshmallow now or wait for fifteen minutes and get two marshmallows instead of one!

For the handout I made this one of Jesus Christ with

I also was inspired by these cute ghosts to tie in Halloween and Elder Uchtdorf's example of the children and marshmallows.  Instead of using pretzel bags and mini marshmallows I used some clear goody bags and stacked 4 regular sized marshmalloes in it.  Then as I closed it up I twisted it snuggly around the marshmallows so they would stay stacked and then fastened the twisty tie.  I had the excess at the bottom instead of the top.

Marshmallow ghosts

For this lesson I also had a picture of Christ and put a large piece of paper over the top of it that was cut into puzzle pieces.  The girls took turns picking a puzzle piece and reading a quote about patience that was taped to the back.  As they did this a picture of the Savior was revealed to remind us to of His patience, our desire to be like Him, and the blessings we recieve from having patience. 

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