Friday, July 26, 2013

Teaching Take Out

Our Stake is having a YW Super Saturday and has asked all of the PP Leaders to come up with a class that the girls can attend and pass off a value experience.  Right up my alley, huh?  My sister and I created a class called Teaching Take Out. We created eight family home evening lessons, one for each value.  The girls can pass off a value experience when they teach a family home evening lesson to their family.   And they get to create and customize one of the lessons themselves. 

For the Integrity Lesson I chose Integrity #7.  The idea is to have them pick a song, scriptures, etc. that have to do with strengthening the family.  They then read The Family: A Proclamation to the World, the section on Family in the For the Strength of Youth Pamphlet, and two general conference talks on family and then create questions for their families to pick out of their chinese take out box.  They also will be decorating a paper clip with ribbon to coordinate with each value so they can separate each lesson within the manilla envelope.  What an awesome way to complete personal progress! 

Here are the LESSONS, INTEGRITY LESSON CARD,  VALUE EXPERIENCES SLIPS, TAKE OUT BOX LABEL, and use THIS jpeg to print labels for your manilla folders.


For each packet you will need to print the LESSONS, INTEGRITY LESSON CARD (2 per page), VALUE EXPERIENCE SLIPS (5 t0 6 per page); and add in 8 jumbo paper clips, a copy of The Family: A Proclamation to the World, and 12 slips of blank paper (to have them write the Integrity Lesson questions on).


  1. The link to the drop box has been disabled.

  2. Your FHE lessons sound awesome! Any chance I could get a copy of them? The drop box link has been disabled. My email is Thanks!

  3. Hi, just read your shared ideas for the "Teaching Take Out". Any chance I can get a copy of your information to share at a Stake training next weekend. I will be happy to give you credit and share anything else that you have done that has been successful in helping YW be successful in completing personal progress. Thanks for sharing! My email is and my name is Tracy.